Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Should Ainslie gamble for gold or play safe?

Britain’s sailing results so far have been a hotch-potch of surprises which more than anything reflect the tricky winds in Weymouth. 

International sailors who have been training here for months and thought they had the conditions licked have been taken by surprise by the extent of the shifts and the frequency of them.  Even the British sailors who have trained for years have been caught out as we saw when Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes capsized in the 49ers in the last race.

How should they overcome the conditions? Be patient and strong like Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson in the Stars or adopt a high risk approach, which we have seen from Finn sailor Jonas Hoegh-Christensen.

High risk strategies tend to produce dramatic wins but these are rarely sustainable over time.  The Great Dane is disproving that theory much to Ben Ainslie’s chagrin but there are still two days racing left after this before the medal race so plenty of time for conservatism to win out!

Two days. Yikes. Can Ben pull this off? If he was being beaten by different people each time, it would be less of a worry but JHC is on the top of his game on the water and saying last night to us journalists that Big Ben was out of form, showed that he is not scared of playing games off the water too. 

Compelling or what?!

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