Friday, 27 July 2012

Welcome to the Weymouth Olympics!!

Psssst. Don't tell anyone but we are having a lovely time in Weymouth. Wall to wall sun, loads of rooms available in the divine hotels and not a lot of traffic on the roads. Perfect.. except this is the London 2012 Olympic Games and we should be buzzzzin...shouldn't we?

The lack of atmosphere is its absence of course but guys, this is where we are with that ok. It might all change come Sunday when Ben Ainslie launches his raunchy Rita to kick things off proper.

So far we have had no great shocks or surprises though we got close when Nick Dempsey er-red and ar-red over the question as to whether he might retire after these Olympics if windsurfing really does get scrapped in favour of kitesurfing.

How shall I answer that, he said rather lamely which pretty much gave the answer away, we thought. In fact Nick wasn't on great form today. A bit hesitant though he does tend to be up and down in press minute confident and articulate, the next less sure-footed and more whimsical. But this is why we love 'im and desperately want him to get that damned monkey off his back.

He confessed that he wants his wife Sarah Ayton to continue being 'a lovely housewife' rather than return to Olympic sailing. He will almost certainly get a kick in the goolies if she ever finds out he said that..which of course she will. He also said he won't even think about a joint campaign with her for the next Olympics...heard that before but he was pretty emphatic. Get this man a tin hat!!

Nick did a presser with Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes who denied they were gay. OK...that might need explaining but they were talking about how they have progressed as a 'pair' since the last disastrous Olympics in 2008 and Ben decided his comment needed qualifying....and added....'but not in a gay way'.

Everyone fell about and Stevie went bright pink....which prompted the Team GB PR Lindsey to end the discussion, a shame because we were all quite keen to hear how they were different now compared to then.

Some commentators reckon their nightmare in Beijing has been the making of them.There is no question about their skills on the water. They are AMAZING to watch on the race a well oiled slick and super fast machine....yet I wish I could be more convinced by their assertions that this time, it will be different. We will know in two weeks.

Bryony Shaw was incredibly brave I thought. Of all our GB sailors, she is the one who is least likely to medal due to her recurring health issues and the equipment failure she had at SFG. She didn't try and bluff her way through the questions...said she was physically and emotionally up for it yet aware her preparations hadn't been ideal. Go Bryony.

The Bithell and Patience Show rolled into town this morning, causing merriment along the way with their bold and periphrastic presentation. Luke could talk for Britain and with his Ewan McGregor lilt, is very easy to listen to though he is a bit like my favourite larrikin Shane Warne - says a lot and not much at the same time....but great fun, massively talented and I love his enthusiasm. Infectious. His boy band quiff somehow stays in place come rain and shine. How does he do that and what product does he use I wonder?

There seems to be a deepseated confidence among the Brits....Luke, Stu, Stevie and Ben may not get gold but they should medal and will work their butts off to make Britain proud. They are all comfortable with this pride business. It matters heaps.

We bumped into Rod Carr on our way out tonight. The mighty Rod Carr who is the architect of Britain's fabulous sailing edifice. He was climbing onto his bike having completed another day of race officialdom (am putting everything I own on race management being IMMACULATE!)

How many medals do you think Britain will win, the chap from the BBC asked. I have no idea - I'm no longer involved said the pokerfaced Carr strapping on his huge helmet. Oh dear that doesn't sound too good, said the BBC chap who had never met Carr before and was unfamiliar with his Kofi Annan ways. The big man winked and rode off. No idea my a**e. He knows full well just how brilliantly the British team have prepared and how strong they are. It was probably him that gave Sparky the line about this being the best British team ever. If I needed any further confirmation that these Games are going to be a blinder as far as British sailing goes, that brief encounter did the trick...with bells on.

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