Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ainslie and Jonas get personal (not pretty!)

Ainslie (left) and Hoegh-Christensen (right) cranking up their hostilities

The Ben and Jonas duel took a turn for the worse today when their rivalry on the water turned bloody in the boat park.

They came off the water with the gap between them shaved to three points after a round of skirmishes that climaxed in a heated exchange on the finish line.

We were pretty sure what Ainslie will have said – his usual abuse to respected opponents includes the words f*****g  c**t as most opponents can confirm (see below!!!).

But we weren’t sure what had triggered the exchange. It turns out that Hoegh-Christensen and Pieter-Jan Posta of the Nederlands thought Ainslie had hit a mark.

They called it and although Ainslie denied it, he completed a penalty turn just to be on the safe side then accused the Dutch and Danish sailors of ganging up against him

"I had no choice, and didn't want a protest,” Ainslie said.

"The Dutch and the Danish guys teamed up against me and I'm pissed off about that at this level. At this level they'll take any advantage they can. I'm seriously pissed off about it to be honest."

Hoegh Christensen was pretty pissed off too, especially after he had been in the drink earlier having capsized spectacularly when in fourth place which dropped him down to eighth and said Ainslie’s allegation was harsh.
Fabulous capsize picture from RICK TOMLINSON (YAY!!)

“Two guys saw the same guy hit the mark which means he probably hit the mark. He decided to take the penalty so why did he do that if he didn’t hit the mark. The exchange of words was unnecessary but that’s sport.”
The Great Dane - by Rick Tomlinson

Ainslie posted his first victory of the week then followed it up with a third while the Danish sailor scored a discardable eighth – after he capsized - and a fourth. It keeps him at the top of the leaderboard with Ainslie in second.

When Bart Simpson came off the water, I asked him.....(why is it ALWAYS me who has to ask the tricky questions) if he wanted to hazard a guess what Ainslie might have said to Jonas.

Typical Bart – he is a such a breath of fresh air and we LOVE ‘im.
“I have been on the end of his abuse a few times myself,” he said grinning.

What letters would they have started with, Andy Rice asked?

“Probably an ‘F’ and a ‘C’ and that’s just a starter for ten and a bit worse as well. When you are sailing in those conditions you are super fired up – you have to be.  And Ben is good at that stuff.”

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