Thursday, 9 August 2012

Bithell visits barber in preparation of gold!!

Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell are two cool dudes!! They love their sailing, they love the Olympics and never let us forget it!!

Bithell barbered ahead of THE rac
They might have been nervous in the mixed zone this morning as they messed about in the boat park before the 470 Mens medal race. First Olympics, first medal race, some dodgy questions from a hungry media. But there were no signs of nerves. 

There was no sign of any breeze either. Will you be racing today, they were asked. It’s not up to me because I’m not an international race officer, said Luke smartly which made us all titter before the AP went up.

He is a showman and not scared of telling journalists their questions are 'stupid', as I found to my cost when I asked him earlier in the week if they had a plan for beating the mighty Australians Malcolm Page and Mat Belcher!! 

Cheeky chappy Patience
That's a really stupid question, he said. Booosh. That was me pulverised.....and also entertained because they will have had a plan without any question. But reluctant to share it, as one would expect! 

“We suspect its 50/50," he continued, coming back to the chances of racing today. 

"It’s a tricky forecast with the easterlies and the natural south westerlies wanting to build in Weymouth. If we do race it will be variable and light – thats good for us. We will crack on until we are told we are racing. I imagine they will call that early and we will not have to wait until late in the day before that decision is made.

“If it is light, it brings a different sort of racing especially if you are talking a match racing scenario. And if there is a bit of breeze, it is different again. Randomness would be no bad thing – it would be more of a hindrance for the defending boat. Randomness offers opportunities for an attacking boat so it is welcomed.”

Stu had been to the hairdresser overnight – prompted by his appearance on television later today on TOP OF THE PODIUM, dummy! Of course Luke took credit and once again, they had us all chortling across the barrier.

“I did it – can’t you tell?” said the irrepressible Patience.

“My barber skills are well known.”

As I said, no sign of nerves. Totally relaxed. Cool. Brilliant!

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