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How many medals will British sailors win?

British rowing and cycling - and now athletics - are proving to be a gold rush all over again and we are wondering if the sailors are feeling the pressure to stump a few more medals to pile into the great big British booty.

British sailing heroes Ainslie and Percy
So this is where we are at with all that ok.  I am SO nervous about saying he or she or they WILL get gold since I have a 100% kiss of death record on that front.  Even if I wish sailors – or cricketers for that matter -  good luck, there is instantly a scythe that whooshes down from on high and wipes away their footmarks on the leaderboard.

But these are the updates from the media centre in Weymouth:

Sunday medal race: Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson (STAR) have to finish worse than fourth to let the gold slip away but so far, they have been on the podium for eight of their ten races and led from day three. MEDAL

Sunday medal race: Ben Ainslie (FINN): He needs to beat Jonas Hoegh-Christens ten to win gold but must come at least seventh if Dutchman Pieter-Jan Postma crosses the line first. MEDAL

Monday medal race: Paul Goodison (LASER): Last day’s racing on Saturday but no chance of Goody retaining gold due to his back problems. NO MEDAL

Monday medal race: Alison Young (LASER RADIAL): Needs a stonking good day on Saturday to move back into contention . STOP PRESS: She was DSQ in first race today NOT GOOD! NO MEDAL

Tuesday medal race:  Nick Dempsey (RS: X Mens) Lying 13 points behind Dorian Van Rijsselberge (NED) in 4th place with four races + medal race still to go.MEDAL

Tuesday medal race: Bryony Shaw (RS: X Womens) Lying 28 points behind Marina Alabau (ESP) in 7th place with three races + medal race to go NO MEDAL

Wednesday medal race: Stevie Morrison/Ben Rhodes (49er) Lying 32 points behind Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen (AUS) in 4th place with four races + medal race to go MEDAL

Thursday medal race: Luke Patience/Stu Bithell (470 M): Lying 1st, six points ahead of the Aussies Malcolm Page and Matt Belcher (AUS) with six races + medal race to go MEDAL

Thursday medal race: Hannah Mills/Saskia Clark (470 W): Lying 1st, one point ahead of Jo Aleh and Olivia Powrie (NZL) with eight races + medal race to go.MEDAL

Our match racing girls are mid way through their marathon and lying in joint 5th. The round robins determine the seedings but if they make the top then becomes a knock-out. Too early to call but they are not exactly zapping the oppo...yet! NO MEDAL

By my reckoning, Team GB will finish with SIX medals....but don't quote me on that.

RYA Olympic Manager Stephen Park gives us an update:

“Ben is coping with the pressure very well, I think of all the sailors in that Finn fleet he has had to deal with a lot of pressure and expectation for a huge number of years now. He will cope with that pressure very well and it will be interesting to see how the Dane really deals with that. 

"I would certainly still back Ben to the end and it will be a very interesting start. I think the start and first leg of the Finn race on Sunday is going to be quite intense.

“Iain and Bart have got a few points cushion so they have got a far better chance, so long as they are in touch with the Swedes and particular the Brazilians, even if they are behind, they will win the gold. They have quietly gone about their business, part of that is due to the media wanting to focus on the battle between the Dane and Ben, but if Iain wins, which I’m sure he will, it will be his third gold medal.

“That immediately puts him into an elite group of athletes across all sports. To win three gold medals across three Games is a fantastic achievement in terms of longevity of performance at the very top end of your sport.

“Andrew will also become a double Olympic gold medallist if they can convert on Sunday. We must remember with all the media interest around Ben, that these guys aren’t forgotten. They are amongst the best sailors in the world and will be amongst the most decorated sailors in the World if they win gold on Sunday.”

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