Friday, 3 August 2012

This is it............!!

On my way out to watch the Finn and Star races and fully expect Ben Ainslie to be pumped up like never before. We were talking about him last night - you'll be amazed to hear - and decided he needs to get himself into this sort of angry tizz to release the X-factor that separates him from ordinary competitive mortals.

Jonas has been complicit - probably has no idea that he is buying in so readily to the Ainslie plan but he will soon find out to his cost because the gold medal is as good as Ainslie's now.

He has won the battle of wits and the momentum on the water is, one feels, with him. But we'll see. I predict another victory for our Bulldog bruiser. This is an important day for Iain and Bart too - if they gather another five points today, they could pretty much have this sewn up before the medal race.

Wouldn't that be the most amazing thing...and cool too. Weather out here in Weymouth Bay is fantastic. Sunny though a bit overcast, like to have up to 15 knots...more later. Bring it on!!

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