Thursday, 2 May 2013

Remembering Greigy and CMJ at Hove

Chris Woakes and young Tom Milnes have now put on 60 for the eighth wicket and playing with increasing confidence and authority....running briskly, picking the gaps and steering Warwickshire towards 400 ...only nine to go now ....make that five Woakes has just cut Andrew Miller for four. Fabulous shot. No max points because we are in over number 136.

Museum - or Sussex Cricket World as it is known - was a real treat. Exhibits date back to 1890s though Les Lenham denies he is that old...Tony Greig is given a good shout. I had forgotten what an attractive man he was in his 20s. A long lanky streak of gleaming blond glamour....

There is a memorial lunch here on Monday (I think) for Greigy and Christopher Martin-Jenkins, both of them special to Sussex.

When they died in December and January, within a few days of each other, we felt sad and talked about their contributions to the game, especially in Sussex. Now I'm at Hove, at the heart of Sussex cricket, that sadness is greater because I am hearing CMJ huffing and puffing in the seat next to me in the press box and I am talking to Greigy at the bottom of the steps in the pavilion.

There are big physical spaces down here that they once filled and I can't be in those spaces without thinking of them. Their deaths really affected me but being at the ground is strangely comforting and we celebrate their remarkable lives and careers under a lovely warm Sussex sun.

Monty Panesar and Ed Joyce have just had a long argument mid-over. Lord knows what that was all about but Monty's fielding has been shockingly bad so maybe he was getting a ticking off from his skipper. Will obviously find out later but there was some brilliant remonstrating going on.

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