Sunday, 26 July 2015

Mrs Ainslie rolls up her sleeves to help her hubbie out!

In the absence of any racing today, the guys at Landrover BAR have been having a bit of a party at their HQ in Camber Quay, Portsmouth ahead of a visit from their biggest fans the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Mrs Ainslie - former Sky Sports presenter Georgie Thompson playing a major role in Landrover BAR campaign and making a difference

And who was doing the MC honours? None other than Mrs - or Lady - Ainslie. The former Sky Sports presenter Georgie Thompson has played a massive part in this campaign. First of all she has overseen all the interior design of the new HQ - apparently it looks smashing. Secondly, she does a fantastic job in front of a mic at private and public functions and makes everyone feel at ease.

Lastly, and most important. She has transformed Ainslie from a tense, awkward sometimes grumpy competitor into a relaxed happy funny bloke. The lines have disappeared from his face, he smiles most of the time now, his eyes sparkle and he actually looks and seems quite different. She has given him colour - happy hues - and you get the impression they are stronger together. Yikes. Doesn't bear thinking about!  Bravo Mrs A!

Happy smiley hubbie!

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